Boards and Commissions

Boards and Commissions Appointed by City Council

*The City Council may not appoint the entire board

  • Historic District Commission
    • Planning Department: 252-939-3271
    • Advises the City Council on the management of historic districts, including ordinances regarding historic resources, applications to alter historic structures, and applications to declare structures landmarks
    • Comprised of 8-11 residents of Kinston or the extra-territorial jurisdiction who have a demonstrated interest in or knowledge regarding historic preservation, history, architecture, or a related field.
    • Meets as needed the first Wednesday of the month at City Hall
  • Planning Board/ Board of Adjustment (BOA)
    • Planning Department: 252-939-3271                                                                                  
    • The Planning Board advises the Council on comprehensive plan, development ordinances, determining whether proposed developments conform to the comprehensive plan, and approving major site plans 
    • The Board of Adjustment hears requests for variances to the Unified Development Ordinance, interprets questions regarding the zoning map, and acts as the Housing Appeals Board for inspection decisions. 
    • Comprised of 7 members, 5 from within the city limits 2 within the city’s extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ). These members make up both the Planning Board and BOA in Kinston. 
    • Meet as needed Monday mornings in the City Council Chamber in City Hall 
  • Kinston Housing Authority Board of Commissioners
    • Kinston Housing Authority: (252) 523-1195
    • Acts as an advocate for the agency, and serves as a link between the agency and the community 
    • Comprised of 7 members 
    • Meet the third Thursday of each month at 4pm 
  • Kinston-Lenoir County Tourism Development Authority Board
    • Tourism Development Authority: 252-523-2500
    • Supports the TDA goals to be the authority on travel and tourism in Kinston and Lenoir County and boost the economy by increasing overnight stays. 
    • Collaboration between City and County 
    • Meet 3rd Tuesday of each month at 3pm
  • Kinston-Lenoir County Parks and Recreation Commission
    • Parks and Recreation: 252-933-3335
    • The commission shall: 
      1. Hire a Parks and Rec Director in consultation with the city manager 
      2. Create rules governing parks and recreation facilities 
      3. Directs and spends funds given in the city budget 
    • Composed of 12 regular members, 1 member with the Lenoir County School system, and 1 city council member. 3 members are nominated by the Lenoir County Board of County Commissioners. 
    • Meets every 2nd Thursday at 530pm in the KCC Conference Room 
  • Pride of Kinston Board and Sub-committees (Organization, Promotion, Design, Economic Vitality, Main Street)
    • Pride of Kinston: 252-522-4676 
      • Board: guides organization and recommends how best to support downtown Kinston.
      • Organization: fundraising/financial sustainability
      • Promotion: city advertisement and sponsored events
      • Design: consulting services for downtown business owners
      • Economic Vitality: opportunities for development downtown) 
      • Comprised of downtown business owners and citizens with experience in fundraising, economic development, real estate, business, design, advertising, event planning, or related topic. 
    • Executive Board meetings are the last Tuesday of the month and Full Board meetings are the last Thursday of the month, time/ location varies. 
  • Neuse Regional Water and Sewer Authority (NRWASA)
    • Kinston Public Services: 252-939-3282, NRWASA: 252-522-2567
    • The collaboration of 8 different water systems from Lenoir and Pitt county working together to ensure a plentiful supply of water for residents and future economic growth  
    • The City of Kinston has 4 positions on the NRWASA Board—these are traditionally filled by 1 City official, 2 Public Services Staff, and 1 citizen with business or utility background
    • Meets bi-monthly: to see the year’s schedule, visit 
  • Utility Advisory Commission
    • Public Services: 252-939-3282 
    • An advisory body to the City Council, City Manager, and Public Services Director to review and make recommendations regarding policy changed affecting utility operations and maintenance, as well as the annual utilities budget request. It also gives representation to customers of the Kinston Utility System who do not live within the city limits.  
    • Comprised of 7 community citizens--5 inside the city limits, 2 outside. All must be customers of the City of Kinston Utility System 
    • Meet as needed 1st Wednesdays of the month at 5pm at the Public Services Complex

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